Small necklace or big earrings? Here you can find out what kind of jewelry suits you!


Jewelry comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. Every type of woman should wear the appropriate piece of jewelry, so it should be paid attention to what suits you. Hair color or clothing style are just two of many factors to watch out for.


Not more than one or two big pieces of jewelry at the same time

In order not to exaggerate, you should never wear more than one or two large pieces of jewelry at the same time. For example, if you have decided on an impressive necklace, you should combine it with a matching ring or bracelet. Big earrings are usually worn together with a corresponding bangle bracelet. So you get a modern look that does not look exaggerated.

"The less jewelry you concentrate on, the more effective they are!"

Gold, silver or rose gold

One of the most important decisions you should make is the color of your jewelry. In general, the natural color of sterling silver is always a good choice. It fits every skin type and hair color. If you are blond or red-haired, gold or rose gold jewelry is an excellent way to highlight your type.

The best results you get with the following colors to your hair color.


  • Blond hair - Gold plated Jewelry

  • Brown hair - Rose gold Jewelry

  • Black hair - Silver Jewelry

  • Red hair - Gold or Rose gold


Jewelry should match to your clothes

Your jewelry should match the style and color of your outfit. Small, discreet stud earrings with a short necklace from sterling silver around the neck you can combine perfectly with a simple blouse. Also, you can enhance simple outfits with a large bracelet. To make your look shine, you can combine long earrings and big bangle bracelet.

Of course, the color of your clothes is crucial. The color black can be worn with jewelry in all colors, whereas the color brown fits very well with gold or rose gold.


Which face shape do you have?

If you are looking for the right jewelry accessory, the shape of your face is also a factor that you should incorporate.

If you have oval or oblong face shape you can wear any jewelry. Whether long and large earrings, small stud earrings or imposing statement necklaces. Try any jewelry that catches your eye, you really can not go wrong.

If your face is more rounded, you should choose jewelry that will flatter you by stretching your face. These include long and thin earrings. Of course you can also wear stud earrings.

See your outfit as a whole

Your look is made up of your clothes and of course yourself. So do not be too strict in the selection. Jewelry should complement your outfit and not override it.